Week 8 Team Name Recap

Judge: Vic Sav

Topic: Candy


Ahhh feels good to finally have some power! That’s right! For one week, Your very own ROOK is in charge of all of you little bitches! 

Ok, let’s get down to business.

The best team name of the week goes to…

Me! Jelly Belly’s is the best name idgaf how “basic” it is. 4 points for me! (Editor’s note: The maximum awarded to a team is 3 points, which is what Victor will receive

I love this name, got 2 players in there and it makes sense. If you didn’t trade Kupp you coulda had a 3 in 1!
As much as you hate Brees and the saints, you welcomed him back in a big way! Jump started your lineup AND helping you cash in on TNG. There’s no wrong way to eat a breeses!
3 points

Peysek Zeminshew
Mmmm my favorite chocolate bar in the world! Alsav is always sharp at this game. (Gave me all my good team names)
2 points

Solid name, solid candy. I like this one just as much as I liked the trade rape you had on 🦈. Let’s go, team Batman!! The prediction, 🚨 we crush them 42-21.
1 point

Edmond Joy
Mackey Mouse!! C’mon Man! Entering TNG judge of the week, I said I was giving you a big fat 0 cuz you suck and you’re a Bills fan. But with the awesome names mentioned above, plus I think this candy sucks, you, my friend, get 0 POINTS! Appeal it, bitch!
UPDATE: After Stanley’s appeal, an unbiased panel judged that this would be awarded 1 point.

These are the names I can’t stand that other people would give 3 points. Just throwing in a guy’s name into something. It makes no sense and it has 0 creativity IMO. If you had Mack it coulda worked (whatchamackallit) 
0 points

Brown Ingram&ms
Same as above. Crap.
0 points

Jake the snake 
Maybe it’s a candy they serve in Israel? 🤷🏻‍♂️ looked it up.. nothin. Still love you nimo. Still dunno what’s with that yellow bead bracelet.
0 points

I get it you won last week. Ride the wave. I’m typing this pre SNF game with just a 13 point lead, and you have 3 players left, it’s looking good for you. Keep the name rolling.
0 points (Editor’s note: Charles will receive -2 for not changing his team name.

Lastly, all the losers that did not participate, it’s freakin candy week! C’mon!
Sharari: -2
Ezshi: -2
Duke:  -2

I can’t wait to see you all next Sunday! Love you.