Week 7 Team Name Recap

Judge: Stanley

Topic: Disney

Let’s get the shit out of the way first.

NO NAMES – Nimo, Sharari, Ez. All shits. 0 points? Can I give negatives? If so, negative 1000. (Editor Note: all will receive punitive 2 point deduction for not participating.) 

Now….to our contestants:

WentzUponATime (Duke) – Despite all the crap I watch on tv I never have watched or plan to watch ABC’s Once Upon a Time which is something described as  a fairytale drama show. Holy crap it had seven seasons! Anyways back to the matter at hand. Duke’s fairytale season seems to be running out of magic and WentzUponATime Carson Wentz was good (will this burn me when Wentz torches the Bills this week with me in attendance? Probably).

I’m Your Mattre D! (Stan) – I was so smitten with my own name when I finally landed on it.

Life is your restaurant
And I’m your maître d’
C’mon whisper what it is you want

You ain’t never had a friend like me!

Charles whispered that he wanted a win and Kliff Kingsbury and I obliged. You ain’t never had a friend like me Chuck! You’re welcome!  


ToInfiniti&BeyAndrew (Dag) – I cracked up when I saw this and it fits exactly where Dag’s team trajectory is. No I mean to a reliable luxurious Infiniti automobile. Infinity! And beyond! Mahomes! Evans! For pennies on the dollar! Dag’s wheeling (like an Infiniti!!) and dealing has him creating a lot of positive BUZZ! This one will point.

SuchACrickInTheNKEAL (Mokass) – another laugher. Mokass had Where’s My Superhoop? before this name and I think he made the right choice in changing. This is very creative and I was really surprised that Yahoo let him put all these letters. It seems like a billion letters. Also to Captain Superman Yoss – be forewarned that Mokass will use this team name to explain why he was not effective in Mazza Bowl 5. I see you Mok!



AvenJoners EndIngram (Moshal) Classic case of Moshal trying to do too much I can get behind AvenJoners. EndIngram? Eh. If you had Evan Engram though wow! Evangers Engram! Still not perfect but better than this mess. Seems like Moshal sitting at 2-5 is reaching the end of his game. Oh well. I always like your teams.

Obi Wan Kerryonobi (Yoss) – So this is what happened to Kerryon this week:

Tough times. The only Star Wars name in the bunch, Yoss sure knows his judge. By the way. Binge Mode Star Wars started on Monday I’m so excited! Let’s see if Kerryonobi can help Yoss’ team from the grave. With Kerryon dead, will a new hope emerge? Not sure but what I do know is that thanks to AlSav a new HOP has emerged!




Mackey Mouse (Vic) – this name is basic AF. 

And it’s not even good because it didn’t even make me think of Mickey Mouse at first I just thought of Vic Mackey being a corrupt cop. 

What are you trying to tell us Vic? Spoiler alert if you have not seen the SHEILD Mackey took a deal/ratted at the end of The Shield. So maybe you’re connecting the ratting and the mouse – same animal family. Ok hold on, this could actually be a solid name. Let me check if Disney has anything to do with the Shield.


Whoa Vic Mackey ratted. Mackey Mouse. Mouserat!

If Parks has anything to do with Disney you are pointing…Nope.

You have failed on all fronts. Much like your team that last 5 weeks. It’s safe to say….your team fell in a pit. 

SnowWitte’n 7 Dwarfs (Alsav)/Sanuw white &7th loss (Chuck) – bunching these two together because they are the same exact name. Al Sav had his first so that counts for something. Charles’ name with Sanu flows better than Witten but then again Charles misspelled Sanu somehow. Charles also predicted a 7th loss. There was no 7th loss so his name becomes null and void. If one of these teams points it will be Alsav.

Points Awarded:
Dag – 2
Mokass – 2
Stan – 2
Yoss – 1