Week 6 Team Name Recap

Judge: Yossi

Topic: Rivalry Week

All you guys that decided to not participate in the team name game, it was your loss.

Duke vs NiMo
Duke (Χ Χ’Χ™ΧœΧ”missingplayoffs)Β takes a jab at NiMo at what is quite possibly the worst team name I’ve ever heard in my life (NiMo’s Χ Χ’Χ™ΧœΧ”…Χ–Χ›Χ” Tyler). We obviously don’t factor in the results of the matchup cause if that was the case, NiMo shut the doors on duke’s undefeated season.

Stan V Al Sav
Al Sav decided that his imagination was lacking here. He decided he’s gonna be a rebel and that he doesn’t wanna be involved. Instead, he does another holiday team name… Al Sav is a one-trick pony… Kuppot Temarim… if you were gonna be a dib, at least incorporate another name into there also like Kuppot Demareem, or maybe u shoulda just made ur team name “Dumb Wittened Alsav”

SMELVINVILLE! Stannis with a classic knock his opponent, using one of Al Sav’s worst names and shoved it back into his Manningham jeans.

Yos vs Dag
Old vs New, The old busted thing vs the New hot stuff.
I decided, let me hit dag where it hurt, making fun of his SouperBowl restaurant, obviously didn’t work cause dag knows who the real best cook is here. (BestCook?NewComichel)
And Dag? Dag decided to kill me, murder me and stab me with kindness. and I felt it. How could I have been so mean to a guy that used his opportunity to call me AWESOME?!? (newCoMICHelisAweSAM)

Mokass Vs Charles
Every season, one team will be the highlight of rivalry week. This was the one! Charles, knowing that he can never one-up Mokass ever, didn’t even bother to change his stupid team name from last week (NoLeatherSCHUSTER)! WHY NOT YOU ASK? Oh, the reason is that Mokass meticulously chose the players to use and came up with the PERFECT team name against Charles. UrCOOKSSuck&UrCHUBBy… Personally, I think Charles surpassed Chubby in 2015. I am chubby. My daughter’s grace is chubby. Dag’s beautiful Abo is chubby (and awe-inspiring)… Charles ain’t chubby…. Charles is FAATTTTTTTTTTTTT

Sharari vs Moshal
Sharari SHINES again with a spectacular team name (Sharari).

In all honesty, SOO easy to knock, Moshal,
“Moshal Eats Golladay, Every Day”
“Winston games? Na Lose-ton Games”
“Moshal Team one BIG Guice-egg”
“Sharari, with the Lambo Leap!”

But Moshal decided, he’s canceling shark week (#cancelsharkweek), too bad nothing got canceled. Moshal put up a nice amount of points but wasn’t enough.
Moshal coulda done stuff like
“Diggsing Shark’s grave”
“Wives whisperer chilling with Becky in Shark’s Mahome!”
Whatever, you get the point

Vic Sav vs Ezra
Ezra not being involved in Team Name Game is giving him success in Mazza, he might even make the playoffs!! (Terrybyte)
Cooks Ekler? I didnt understand this at all.

The way it worked out is that every matchup had only ONE guy change his name, except for mine and dags… so everyone that changed names will get points with the exception of my matchup.

(Co-Commish Edit: Those who did not change their team names will be given the punitive -2 points)

Mokass: 3 points
Dag: 3 points (way to play your cards and know your judge)
Stan 2
Duke: 2
Moshal: 2
Vic Sav: 1 point (undeserved, but u changed so you win)

I have chosen to not point myself for the reason being that I was anticipating making it a matchup thing and I am man enough to admit that, even though I had the idea first use Michel as “commish”, Dag bested me with the better name!