Week 3 Team Name Recap

Judge: Sharari

Topic: Food

StrawberryDAKuiri – Vic

This name makes me think of chilling on a beach with a daiquiri in hand, kids in the ocean, and good tunes playing in the background. Then I realize the next time I will probably get that chance is 4 months away, booo, but something to look forward to. Vic thought he should have pointed weeks 1-2 and didn’t, and I was really tempted to continue that trend but things were said. Cant wait for that drink 😉. (P.S make it a raspberry)             

3 Points

Yodells – Stan

Yodels, ring dings, yankee doodles, devil dogs are all pretty much the same. Different shapes, some are covered in chocolate but at the end of the day its all just ok. Give me a funny bone with that smooth PB filling, or a classic coffee cake any day. Stan passed by a Yodels truck and I asked him to bring me one. I guess he thought I was joking. Might have helped him here.

1 Point 

Burnt Edmonds – Mokass

They say its best to appeal to the judge when making a team name. Maybe Mokass thought moshal or yoss were judging this week. I’m a chicken guy. However, I have expanded my pallet over the past couple of years but I was never a fan of burnt ends. Smoked ribs for me 

1 Point

Shakshuka&Skittles – Nimo

Shakshuka is one of the most underrated Israeli dishes. Not easy to get it right (I dont like overcooked eggs) but when you get it right its awesome. The tomato sauce adds a nice element to the soft boiled eggs, and dipping a nice piece of toasted bread in there after is a bonus. Skittles is a good candy, happy they finally started bringing over the kosher version. Shakshuka and skittles together?? I’m intrigued to say the least. Bonus here for using multiple player names.

3 Points  

BarberQ Skirksteaks – Alsav 

Solid name, good creativity as usual. I love me some good BBQ. Not a skirt steak guy but there’s always something for everyone to eat a BBQ. 

1 Point

Chickenson w Hines – Duke

0 Points because I felt like it. I sorta wanted to give a point point here, but it’s Duke.

0 Points 

ChrispyFriedChicken – Dag

Who doesn’t love a good piece of fried chicken. Good crispy skin, juicy chicken on the inside, good flavor all around. I went to Izzy’s fried chicken and was not impressed. Give me Dag or Yoss version any day. Dag, cant wait for next time you make it. I’m there!

3 Points 

YizysRivs@Penysadium – Yoss

I love Yossi’s ribs but this team name is the HOP name of the week. Tried too hard to fit in so much but appreciate the effort. 

1 Point

FranksAndyBrisket – Charles

Name was ok unless he’s talking about those gross boiled hot dogs at the yankee games (ezshi knows wasup). I wasn’t going to point chuck here but he’s been having such an ugly fantasy season so I felt bad for him. 

1 point

Mostertrella Sticks – Sharari

Yum. Being judge isn’t so bad after all.

Call me out for not putting a team name. Go ahead. 

3 points 

Alvin and the fitzmunks – Ez

Ez lucked out last week by not changing his name and pointing but couldn’t pull it off again. 

0 points (an imposed -2 will be given for no team name submission)

Thank you Eli – moshal 

Moshal should be thanking the giants for benching Eli. The Danny dimes era is off to a great start! Nothing to do with food though. 

0 points