Week 2 Team Name Recap

Judge: Nimo

Topic: Movie Title or Reference

Dukes of hazzard
Great team name, you still don’t point on account of the small image, my eyes are hurting from trying to squint Carmen into focus.

Points: 0

(Enter Fart sound here)
I assume you’re boycotting the team name game, can’t blame ya, I respect a good boycott. You’re safe here. …George is gettin upset! How in the f did I not point!? Righteous boycott through proxy.

Points: 0 (an imposed -2 will be given for no team name submission)

Odoyle rules


Points: 0

Alvin & The Fitzmunks

Ez, nice stuff, not original enough.

Points: 1 pointer

My Cousins Vinny:

Al is so good at this game. The case cracker!

Points: this one points 2

Earl Montgomery on the scene

“Don’t be afraid to call 911, I keeps it clean, when earl Montgomery is onnna scene”

I originally set out to negative point you no matter what. All cause I sniped you a couple of times. I won’t snub back even though you’ve snubbed me one too many times.

Points: 2 points

The Green Mile

Too bland, good movie. Needs more spice to point here, don’t mean to add salt to this rough start you got this season.

Points: 0

Maximus Latavius

One of the best movies of all time, honorary mentions for this one.
Anytime someone backstabs anyone in life, I think Joaquin Phoenix. Like when you took Matt Ryan for fake skittles. Shame shame shame.

Points: Honorable Mention, 0 points

Ju White? Ju Ben Affleck

This was a good creative name, game face bro! At least 1 point…how many points can I give out??

Points: 1

Richard Rich

What a classic childhood movie, everyone’s had fantasies of swimming in gold coins…Charles, I don’t like you in this fantasy world, you’ve been offering rickety cricket esque trade offers for your kibbeh fix. Go fish turdbuckets.

Points: 0


You went a little Alsav on us over there, great movie, no points for you (I’m going contrarian and stickin’ it to you twice) nice L this week. 0-2 …you’re welcome, everybody.
“Read a F$&@“IN book, Mohammed is one of the most common names in the world.”

Points: 0

How To Lose A Gurley in 10 Days

I can’t give myself points but you know I would.

Points: 1