Week 12 (PLAYOFFS) Team Name Recap

Judge: Moses Safdieh

Topic: Destinations

My fellow Mazzonians (Mazziates? Mazziatites?),

I am both privileged and humbled to be the judge for this week’s team name playoff semifinals. We, as a group, don’t agree on much, but I think we can all agree that the biggest (and possibly only) aspect that I excelled in during my Mazza tenure was my amazing, creative, fantastic team names. Some might say that I was a generational talent at the team name game (again, very humbled). But enough about me let’s get down to this week’s matchups.

MIKEIALLENgo DAVID vs. Drewsalem Kanya’an

So….. destination. When I think of destination I think of a place- city, state, country. The David- not really a place, more like an attraction reminiscent of Chuck’s leggings debacle in MB3. This snafu was grounds for disqualification until I re-read Mokass’ message to me where he clearly stated that a famous place can count, hence the name has been dis-disqualified. I do think that it was very creative to use The David- so points for that. I think MIKEIALLENGO was too much of a stretch, and DAVID was too little of a stretch. Overall the name was good, not great- expected a little more for a semifinal match.

Drewsalem Kenya’an- Not sure whose name this is, but it is my favorite name of the week. Sometimes it’s better to go simple. The beauty of the name is that you can automatically recognize the players without having to capitalize random letters thus butchering the presentation which is huge in my book. Excellent name

The winner here is Kenya’an by a landslide.

Los CaBOs vs. Scrandin PA

Los Cabos- someone phoned it in this weak. And no I didn’t misspell week, this name was so weak that the iPad is autocorrecting week to weak. It’s that bad. I award you no points and may God have mercy on your soul.

Scrandin, PA- so first off, points here for knowing who the judge will be. Any type of The Office reference automatically gives you a leg up. With that being said, the player’s name is very hard to find in this name. Even with the picture, I had no idea who the name was in reference to. I was thinking maybe Orlando Scandrick but last I checked (2 years ago) he was a defensive player. However, the picture made up for it. How you photoshop the name into the picture is flawless- 1/2 point for that.

In this matchup, all Scrandin needed was that half a point to push him over the edge here. Scrandin takes it, but you better up that game if you plan on winning the team name championship (is the prize still beef jerky? Mmmm brings back some great memories to when I won this thing- again, generational talent)

Honorable mentions: Philippines- very well done. Much like Drewsalem this was simple but on point. Destination Playgoffs- excellent name if in fact you had Goff. I’m gonna guess this was Moshal and he has Goff in one of his other hundred leagues.

All right guys that’s a wrap- Kol Toob.

The Machine