Week 11 (PLAYOFFS) Team Name Recap

Judge: EzShi

Topic: Music

(4) Al Sav “KupplGuysUp2NoGood vs (5) Yossi “R-E-S-BREES-C-T!!! 

This is a tough one and of course a matchup between a 4 and 5 seed will likely be close. One song is all based on our nostalgia from the best time in human history – the 90’s. It was a time where we had AOL, we had to wait a week for the next episode of Fresh Prince, and we had shock proof discman players. The name rolls right off of the tongue but it’s not so hard to get couple from KuppR-E-S-P-E-C-T famously sung by Aretha was written by Otis Redding. For those of you that don’t know he was one of the greater singers of his time and was influential in defining soul and R&B music. He died when he was 26. Imagine what he could have done if he lived longer. I digress, enough about nostalgia of the 90’s and music history. This is a clever name by Yoss Putin our supreme leader. To make this name roll of the tongue is not a quick feat. But he did and it sounds nice when you read it. This was a close matchup, but in the end Yossi prevailed.  

Final Score: R-E-S-BREES-C-T!! 35-24 KupplGuysUp2NoGood 


(3) Stan “EVERETTime we Touch vs (6) Vic Sav Shake it Goff 

I don’t know how Stan feels about this one, Vic using this name against Stan should be sacrilegious (did I use that word right? Who the hell knows, feels right, whatever go fuck yourselves). It is tough to point this matchup both names are equally nifty. If we talk about the “science” of it Everett didn’t have to be change to fit the name, so easy peasy. Goff and off – one letter, same shit. One song is about not being able to find love or a special someone and another is about having a special connection. This was a close matchup and it went to OT but for some reason the name Shake it Goff pisses me off just a bit. EVERETTime we touch squeezes through and moves on to the “semis”.  

Final Score: EVERETTime we touch 24-21 Shake it Goff 


Moshal “BohemIngRamsody vs Nimo “Fournette quartet” 

I wanted to write something for this one, but if I am being technical the name needs to be something based on a song, lyrics, artist/band. Four quartet is redundant, it’s just quartet. So Nimo looking to squeeze something there but didn’t work out for ye. Moshal  Queen, one of the best songs of all time.  

Final Score: Moshal wins 71-0 


Mokass (2) “HOOP! MAHER it BRIS! 

Dag (1) CountryRoadTakeMahome