Week 10 Team Name Recap

Judge: Moshal

Topic: “Title of Your Sex Tape”

First off, I don’t watch bklyn99 but I think this week’s theme was a bit lost on many of us or should’ve been more nuanced. Either way great theme. I will judge based on what I think was most amusing, regardless of it was mostly correct in the application of the theme.

Also..I’m not sure who changed their name for some. So I’ll let TNG commish bring the hammer down for minuses.

Hyde It My Butker- at first I liked this name. Maybe because of the duplication controversy with Stan it lost its flavor for me. But it would’ve worked better for Stan as obvious from this clip: That being said…Yos mentioned several names on last week’s pod that I liked way better. This one seems weak in comparison.
0 points

Johnson in Vaginna- this was probably the name of one of the first sex tapes. Like the use of Ginn. But still weak. Slide it in there !!! (couldn’t find a good video of drawing a 7 on a 6 8 blackjack hand)
0 points

Danny balls no glory- I don’t know what to do with this one. But there was no glory in that tough bye week loss for Nimo.
0 points.

The big brown Dakk- Dak is a good team name guy. No Mark Ingram, but who is?
Work has blocked me from any related videos to add here. Just go to google and search the name. You’ll see.

1 point.

Sharari – loved this one but I think you used it before this season.

0 points

Saquan my face #ertz – Ertz as in ert or ertz as In it would hurt? Either way solid name.

2 points

Terrybyte- terrible loss to al this week.

-2 points

Smithering DD. Kupps- solid name and solid performance this week. You motorboating son of a bitch!

2 points

Justinthenickoftime- this is an auto pass if I’m browsing based on titles of sex tapes. No distinction. A guy named nick? Maybe it it was Neek. Then wow time was against them and they needed to neek…why? Gotta watch to find out.

0 points

Sanuw white and 7th loss– def time to update that team name.

-2 points

Bonna Jams 03 Hey man got a big box of points for ya! 

3 points

Guice MyKirk Ingrams – I actually have no idea how much my jej or any jej weighs in grams. But what I do know is that Epstein didn’t kill himself. Ingram is in my team name. Mokass shouldn’t have been able to pickup mckissic. And SF defense cures all.
What a week.

I tried to find a link for my name…and I don’t want any of the options near my name on the internet. Good god.

2 points