2019 Week 1 Team Name Game- Judge: Dag

Week 1 Team Name Recap

Judge: Dag

Topic: TV Show Title or Reference

charlie zam  ASK LOSER # 1

chucks doing a great job with the daily verbal diaharea but when it comes to something we actually want him to do, hes nowhere to be found. Good job showing the rook the terrible trash talking that you are known for. Even with numerous reminders and an extension you still failed. SHAME! SHAME! The fantasy g-ds had no mercy on your team this week and don’t expect it to change until you change!

Ice Truck Miller (Dag)

This popular Dexter character brought back memories from the show. I feel like my team is being murdered slowly and its only week 1! Dalvin (or Calvin) & the chimpunks was solid but not a winner anyways.  Didnt matter what my team name was, I wasn’t awarding myself any points. There were so many good TV shows used, I felt like we needed Dexter, even if on the Dag Breesfest scale it was rated a 3. Surprised we didn’t get any quotes or team names from my favorite show…

Alvin &the Fitzmunks (Ez)

Did I copy you or did you copy me? Lol. Clever job adding Fitz into the name to get the double team name action. I remember watching the cartoon as a kid. It wasn’t as good as evAnamaniacs though!


shivaKA’IMIsomakanda (Duke)

this team name needs to be in all caps ALSAV STYLE as you can only scream this wonderful trophy name. SHIVA KOMMEIIINIIII SOOOMAKKKANDAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!! I’m sure if that fit it would’ve been there. Why does Yahoo limit team name length anyways?! It sucks! I miss the League it was definitely ended too prematurely. Great memories and great team name! Extra credit for Ruxin face action. Anyone who forgot the song…

LioWIL LUTZ (Mokass) 

For all those wondering what this is referring to, its when Marge Simpson becomes a real estate agent and is hired by Lionel Hutz. He teaches her how to be “honest”. I guess its fitting based on how “honest” we all are in fantasy football.

Im watching this and its like trade negotiations between 2 fantasy teams. I was a huge simpsons fan, not so much anymore though. Did that lead to this team name selection?? Of course mokass photoshopped a great image as well, but did it matter since we had to bring out the Dag Breesfest scale for this one.


Not a big fan of this show and had to look up the reference. Should I be watching this show though?! Senor Chang looks like a dahakkk and I did laugh even from the short clip.

GeorgeIsgetin’upset! (Nimo)

Dag is getting upset at chuck and sharari! Seinfeld reference and a good one. Was shocked we didn’t get more Seinfeld quotes. Moses and Dave would’ve been all over it. Did nimo trade for kittle just to get this team name?

The BIG BENg (Alsav)

Fitting a nickname into a team name doesn’t shock me from Habibi. Al is always at the top of the team name game all season long. I think the team name he was going for was the Big Beng Theory and I think that should’ve fit on yahoo. I thought for a second Al decided to add a picture to help his score. Heres the picturefor all those who missed it…

It was just a picture of his awesome son David. Did he put that in to sway the judgement his way? Not likely, but who knows what goes on in Habibiland.

OrangeIsSanuFlacco (Stan) 

I recently finished this show and I was not happy. I don’t know why I kept watching, it wasn’t that good and the girls were not hot. The picture shows some hard work put into it. Good job whoever did it because it was dahak. Flacco not being on stans team makes no difference to me since he probably drafted flacco just for this sole purpose of team name. Whys sanu in this team name? Makes no sense to me and should be in the image also!!

Not Penny’s Boat (Yoss)

What a memory from this show! I rewatched this clip just to bring back the memory from this show

Was sad to see Charlie go as I was a fan. You all everybodyyyy! (will be in my head all week now…) I have a love/hate relationship but I only have love for this team name and for our new commish!

FreshprinceofBELLair (Vic)

Whether it was this or savedbytheBELL, I could’ve figured this one out without the caps. Rook was stuck on a 90’s theme and went basic as can be. You’re gonna have to be a little more creative if you’re gonna wanna get some points. Whatever you do, don’t learn from….

Sharari – AKA LOSER #2

shararis doing a great job pretending hes not in the league. Failure to participate in the team name game and is he even in our chat? We know he’ll come prepared for Mazza Bowl but give the league what it wants to see! Get your ass back into the league! What can I say though… Not even a response or acknowledgement. Be careful, as the fantasy g-ds smote your team with 2 injuries. Who knows what next week will bring if you don’t participate!


  • Duke 3 points
  • Stan 2 points
  • Mokass  1 point
  • Charles -2 points
  • Sharari –2 points

on the bubble: Yoss