Start of each half there will be a throw-off/Kickoff. For the remainder of the game, it will start at the 20

– Each team will consist of 6 players, able-bodied or not. On the field will be 4 men from each team, you may play the defense or offense however you’d like.

Scoring plays:

– TD will be 6 points, teams will have the option to go for 1 from the 10-yard line or 2 points form the 20

– Two feet must be in bounds for a catch to be completed.

– Each player will wear a belt consisting of 3 flags, one on each side of him, and one hanging like a tail on the back. Flag must be worn OUTSIDE the jersey. Teams will be penalized by the referee if found violating these rules

– The only way a team can achieve a new set of downs is if they pass the 50-yard line. If they start their first set of downs past the 50, that will be their only set of downs.

– Each Defense will be granted a certain number of blitz’s per half (will advise on this number soon but should be between 6-8), the offense will be Permitted to run the ball at this point (this is new) but ONLY after the blitz has been called. Unused blitzes will not carry over to the next half.

– The Defense will count to 7 rush then call RIUSH and will be permitted to run in for the sack, The QB cannot cross Line of Scrimmage.

  • The referee will have the final say in all argued plays

– Each team will have 2 timeouts and 1 challenge. (If video is available, and play will be reviewed by the referee and overturned only if there is clear evidence to overturn). Penalties will not be challengeable


Rules and regulations are subject to alterations and change