2018 Mid Season Report Part II

Welcome to part two of the Mazza Midseason Review! Part 1 was on the Mazza Podcast where Yoss and I delved into each team and looked at best and worst picks as well as notable transactions.

In this part of the review I will be going deep (DEEP) into the alternate standings and GPA given out by Yahoo to see where we all stand at this point. Here. We. Go.

First up – All Team standings. Record based on what our record would be if we played everyone every single week. Yahoo used to put this in the recaps every week, now they don’t so I’ve been doing it manually every week.

All Team Standings (current Mazza record in parentheses)

Current Record All Team Standings Games Back
Mokass (7-0) 65-12
Beda (3-4) 52-25 13
Stan (4-3) 51-26 14
Moshal (3-4) 45-32 20
Yossi (4-3) 44-33 21
Nimo (5-2) 39-38 26
Sharari 4-3) 38-39 27
Duke (4-3) 37-40 28
Chuck (3-4) 36-41 29
Alsav (3-4) 29-48 36
Dag (1-6) 14-63 51
Ez (1-6) 12-65 53

This is the 4th year I’m doing this and I can’t recall such a superb record ever achieved before. Mokass at 65-12 is no surprise to us and the margin between him and 2nd place also seems to be the highest since I started this. (Mokass seems to be overachieving though. I would translate the 65-12 to roughly 6-1 so maybe this is a sign that Mokass will eventually slow down? No, you’re right. Of course he won’t slow down. I’m an idiot.)

Speaking of 2nd place – look at the rise of Rosen Mania! 2nd time rookie Sam Ben Simmons Beda is all the way up to a bye seed where right now in Mazza standings he’s on the outside of the playoffs looking in*. Sam is 3rd in scoring this year and higher scoring teams obviously tend to do better when we look at the standings this way. However, while I can say it’s a great sign for Sam going forward….maybe its not? Maybe he missed his chance to group together some Ws? Time will tell.
*Sam is already eliminated from playoff contention. Teammate call.

The other big mover is our current #2 seed Nimonizer. I think we all saw this one coming. Nimo is 4th to last in points (only ahead of Alsav, Ez and Dag) so how is he getting his wins? By being a Moses-esque (who?) cooler. Nimo has the least points against by far at 838 (next is alsav at 903). Thus far Nimo has skated by on luck. Can he hold on?? He has 5 running backs now (send offers, dickheads!), so maybe.

In our real standings 3 through 10 are separated by 1 game and that reflects here where 6 teams are separated by 9 games (Moshal through Chuck for those of you who can’t read tables and/or charts). Doesn’t really tell us that we don’t already know: it’s going to be a wild dog fight for those precious playoff spots. Everyone has a chance….

….Except Dag and Ez. Now, I don’t want to completely write anyone off but 14 and 12 all-team wins are both all-time lows since I have been doing this. That’s nasty and I’m sure both teams will agree. We expect better from both but sometimes it’s just not in the cards. The all-team standings show that Dag and Ez are EXACTLY where they should be. Keep fighting my friends.

Tiers based on All Team Standings
Tier 1 – Mokass
Tier 2 – Sam and Stan
Tier 3 – Moshal, Yossi, Nimo, Sharari, Duke, Chuck
Tier 4- Alsav
Tier 5 – Dag and Ez

Now I’ll post the cumulative GPA that Yahoo has given us each week. For some reason Yahoo did not recap our league for week 6 (assholes) so that week will be excluded. I’m not exactly sure how Yahoo comes up with these grades or what exactly is taken into account besides start/sit decision (if even that, i feel like pickups were also factored in during past years but really i have no clue) but here we go:


Mokass 3.87
Beda 3.83
Stan 3.43
Chuck 3.38
Yossi 3.38
Nimo 3.20
Duke 3.17
Moshal 3.05
Sharari 3.05
Alsav 2.77
Dag 2.33
Ez 1.88


Big movers here: Chuck from 9th in all team to 4th in GPA. What does it mean? I have no idea. Clearly he’s doing something right according to Yahoo. Moshal from 4th in all team to 8th in GPA because of his stubborn attitude in embracing that we are, in fact, a 2 QB league. The rest is pretty much the same. Team QB Stan remains in 3rd place but drops a tier to the middle of the pack. The gains Sam made in “all team” ring true here in GPA (even better, he’s basically on par with Mokass here) and by all accounts he seems to have a playoff berth in the future.

But that’s why we play the games. Or they do. We just watch.

A+ Grade Tally
4 – Mokass (duh)
2- Mazza Podcast

1 – Beda, Duke, Moshal, Sharari, AlSav

D Grade Tally
1 – Dag, Ez, Alsav

Hope you all enjoyed. Good luck the rest of the way!

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