COVID-19 Rules

COVID-19 Rules for 2020
2020 has forced the world into a very difficult adjustment to life as we know it. COVID-19’s
presence will prove 2020 to be a very challenging one from an NFL perspective, but more
importantly, a fantasy perspective. With all of the uncertainty surrounding the football landscape,
our executive committee has been working tirelessly to make sure that this year remains as
normal as we could possibly make it for the members of our illustrious Mazza League. With that
being said, here is the information for the 14th season of the Mazza League.
Mazza Game Night
Mazza Game Night has become a staple for our league and we are continuing the trend of
evolving Game Night in order to make it even more enjoyable than the year before it. This year,
our league is adopting a β€œBuy Back” plan. With some restrictions that we will not get into now, it
will allow you to purchase a player before the draft at last year’s auction value. Everyone will get
an option to do so and the order will be determined on Mazza Game Night. If you are not able to
attend MGN, you will be defaulted to the end of the β€œBuy Back” priority. If there are multiple
offenders of this heinous crime, we will cast a lottery of who will get which priority.
A date for Mazza Game Night will be announced shortly.
Mazza Draft Night
The draft is quickly approaching. September 2nd is only about 3 weeks away. We will do our
best to accommodate any member that is not comfortable in an indoor environment but cannot
ensure that it will be completely socially distant. The catering hall will be completely empty as
always and there will be more than enough room to socially distance yourselves. With that being
said, if you are not comfortable even with this, we can set up a lone table for you outside on the
porch of the Palisadium ballroom, where you will have to yell your auction bids loudly, as weΒ assume the doors should be closed for risk of transmission of COVID-19. We also will give you
the option of a ZOOM meeting for you to enter the draft remotely. However, we will not be
responsible for poor internet reception.
For those worried of contracting COVID-19, we will allow you to access the buffet after
everyone has already made their plates as this will reduce the likelihood of contracting COVID19 via violating social distancing.
Roster and Rule Changes
In preparation for teams and/or players being exposed to COVID-19 and thus having to
quarantine or lockdown for a designated period of time, we have agreed to add an extra IR slot to
your roster for the 2020 season that will be designated specifically for players affected by a
COVID-19 lockdown. With that being said, COVID-19 will be treated as a regular injury, akin to
mononucleosis, turf toe, and shooting oneself in the thigh.
As this is uncharted territory for everyone, the commissioner reserves the right to amend this rule
as time goes by.
As there is a chance this season is shortened, the commissioner’s office has decided that if the
season is called by kickoff of the first game of Week 11, we will pay out the weekly winners and
distribute the remaining fees back to all of the members. If it goes beyond Week 11, payouts will
be distributed in descending order for those who are placed 1-6 in the standings