Week 9 Team Name Recap

Judge: Joe Saff

Topic: 90’s Pop Culture

It is my honor to judge the TNG for the first time. As some of you know, I am a huge 90’s fan. I’m disappointed that only 6 teams participated. Note my team name as of this morning. 

Stan – The Magic School Gus – I forgot who my audience was. When this show premiered in 1994 Stan was in Kindergarten and I was getting Bar Mitzvahed and way too old for this show. I would have liked to see Stan get a little more creative, but hey it’s not Kareem Hunt.

California Kareems and Dr. Aaron Jones would have been ok. 
Sharari – “I award you no points, and may G-d have mercy on your soul” 
Duke – CDLambChopSingAlong- Another kids show.. Creative and easy name here, plus another show for Duke and Natalie to watch when they go to bed. HOWEVER like Joe Judge coming down on Golden Tate for mental errors, I need to do the same with Michael. While those filthy sock puppets did sing-along with Shari Lewis, the name of the show was Lamb Chops PLAY along. Boyd Meets World would have pointed easily here. 
Al Sav – looks like Al Sav has turned into an NFL cheerleader. That’s good because they are all WFH.  First, he was let’s go Green Bay, I thought maybe it was Green Day or maybe Rachel Green reference, then we changed his name to TB12 and as of last night, he was simply a question mark. Question Marks all around for me. To quote Elaine Benes…  I’m speechless, I am without speech.
Moshal – The art of Camback – this one was interesting. Is moshal talking about Trump in 2024 or his winning out in fantasy? And is this political or no?  Are books pop culture? It’s just too close to call.. Trump notably made cameos in the 90s classics Little rascals and Home Alone 2 kindly showing Kevin where the lobby was. Fuller wets the bed would have a good name for Home Alone. Moshal got really technical in Wrestling week so I need to do the same. It was close to pointing but as Brandy said in her 1998 hit “everybody knows, almost doesn’t count”. 
Dag – 7th Devin – dag knows the way to my heart. Very fitting name as well since he just picked up his 7th win this week.  This one was of the most underrated shows of its time and it introduced the world to Jessica Biel. TV Guide even named “the best show you’re not watching” in 1999. Dag had many options with the word Singletary but opted for Devin. Well done Dave. Simple and to the point. 
Mokass – Igot1handinlockett – shocker from Mokass. We had slam dunks with not one but two 90’s staples in Saved By The Bell and BH90210 on his team. Even Dawson’s Tyreek would have been awesome but he rolled the dice on Alanis. It’s not the 90s with Alanis. Ironic was probably her biggest hit (and kind of perfect for my team this year) but Hand In My Pocket was up there. Mokass’ team has one hand in their pocket and the other is hailing a taxi cab… all the way to the consolation bracket with myself, Ez, and Charles. Great team name Mo!
Vic – 55555555 – very disappointed in Vic he has Josh Kelley on his team and 2 of the hottest dream girls from the 90s were Kellys. KellyKapowski-Taylor would have pointed. 
Charles – as the Friends theme song goes “your jobs a joke you’re broke Your love life’s DOA and so is your team Charles. Chances of making the playoffs? 1 in a million… so you’re saying there’s a chance.  
Ez – as Harry Doyle said “good news folks, the Indians are showing signs of life for the first times in weeks… they’re beating the crap out of each other” ez isn’t even that lucky. See you next season… hasta Laviska baby!
Yos – Laytee Murrcarena – I have no idea how many names are in this team name and I’m not even going to try counting. I see at least 2 which is good enough for me. The summer of 1996 was all about the Macarena. We even did it at a freshman seminar that fall. Not only is this one of the biggest one-hit wonders of all time, it’s also of the biggest dance crazes. To this day when people hear this song, they still break out and dance. Yos went with an all-time classic and I applaud him. 
Mokass – 1.5 
Yos – 1.5 
Dag – 1 
Stan – 0.5