Week 8 Team Name Recap

Judge: Yossi Abadi

Topic: Politics/Election Week

Dear Diary,

Today is Nov 5th 2020. We are 2 days past election day and there is still no president-elect. I called up my cousin to send me files on the election. My instructions with him were VERY specific, I told him when he puts all the files to make sure to keep the Files for Trump in a separate file, I told him KeepTrumpInCeeDee, he asked me “you mean DeeCee?” I told him, no don’t confuse CD and DC. Then he made fun of me for thinking people used CD’s but whatever, I was on a mission so I told him just get me those files! He called me back with some wild news. “Hey Yos, I got a guy who knows a guy who slept with Rudy Guiliani and he can get a copy of the hard drive that was on HUNTerBidensLaptop” I replied back HOLY CRAP that would be amazing! Maybe there’s some election fraud and corruption plans on there? So I told him to get me a copy in addition to the CD.

Not gonna lie, I thought this one was in the bag, I was convinced watching QAnon television that it was gonna be TrumpiInALandryslide but it seems right now that it’s not the case. So anyway, I get a ring to my doorbell, I open the RING app (paid advertisement) and ask whos there “Hey! It’s Slye Pjoe” WHO?!?! I asked. “It’s Slye Pjoe, I’m looking for Rob” who the heck is Rob? Maybe this was my cousin’s delivery guy bringing me the laptop? So I asked Which Rob he was looking for “Rob Elct”. All this seemed fishy to me, I opened the door and asked Slye who he works for and where he got my address from, he said “SlyePjoeTryna2RobElect” and then assured me it was my cousin who sent him and apparently Rob Elct was some code name for me, ya know how the secret service gives their codenames, or maybe it was some kinda stupid jibberish that you would only hear out of Joe Biden’s mouth. I’m right now in the middle of going through the laptop, but I just had to write some things down so I wouldn’t forget, so I called my cousin Joe (who had all this info) he wasn’t answering his phone immediately thought something was up. I looked out the window towards his house, since he lives down the block, and YELLED his name “HEY JOE!!! JOE YOU HEAR ME?!? HILLARY (his wife) YOU HOME?!?!” Hillary came to the door and saw me yelling from my window and asked what’s up. I told her “THE LAPTOP, THE HARDRIVE…PUT IT AWAY!!! DO YOU HAVE A SAFE?!? LOCKETTUPHILLARY&JOE UNTIL IM READY TO EXPOSE THE CORRUPTION” As of now, it looks like I have enough on this laptop to bring Joe Biden down! Looks like if Trump loses were looking at aCamalaHarrisAdminn I hope I’m wrong!

I’ll write back later, bye diary.


Duke: KeepTrumpInDeeCee. 0 points. stop tryna copy stan and use the same guy every week, be original.
Mokass: LOCKETTUpHILLary&JOE- 1 point. Wish something was actually done about it
Moshal: aCamalaHarrisAdmim- i noticed everything you got done. 2 points
Stan: HUNTerBidensLaptop. keep using Hunt, not everyone will be as strict as me.  it was an amazing name too… 0 points
Joe: TrumpInALandrySlide.1 point, i just wished it was the case. shame you changed the name from your previous one.
Alsav: SlyePjoeTryn2RobElct-  tried too hard here. sounds like something Biden would say in a campaign rally. 0 points