Week 7 Team Name Recap

Judge: Moshal

Topic: WWF

Can you smell what The Rock is cooking? It’s the Mazza League week 7, the name game article, brother! And if you ain’t down with that we got 2 words for ya! REST IN PEACE

This week’s theme was WWF (and not WWE…or other wrestling promotions). Let’s get this slobberknocker started!

Bam Bam Bigburrow- Mokass went with a non-star wrestler here, which I appreciate. Anyone can throw out a Rock or Stone Cold reference (what?), but Bam Bam? He was a guy that everyone knew, but no one rooted for. Can’t recall his theme music or any super memorable matches – always just one of those wrestlers who was around and never really a force. Mokass really had a memorable match for himself though this week – got the rare W (for him) and broke 200 with Tyler Lockett going absolutely berserk. BAM BAM on STAN STAN.

1 Point

55555555 – Vicsav

00000000 points.

Dj Pendejo – Man this one brings me back to some great matches. Never a world champ, but DJ Pendejo brought the ruckus every time he laced up his wrestling boots. His ladder match at Survivor Series against kKng Kong Bundy? His lumberjack match with Doink the Clown? Or how about his steel cage match against Yokozuna?

Some of DJ Pendejo’s career highlights

Happy Ez got into the action, even if by default.

2 points

DaVince MckinMan – All hail the king! This guy made wrestling what it was. HBK, Stone Cold, Hulk Hogan – all don’t come close to Vinne Mac’s impact. When I was a kid, he was just an announcer – I had no idea he owned the frickin company too! Then he got involved in the storylines. The Stone Cold/Vinnie Mac narratives were some of the best segments. Here’s a classic: nailed him with the bedpan and defibrillator.

But his all-time best moment was when he had the future president give him a haircut.

1 Point

Sweet Chubb Music – Tune up the band – an ode to the heartbreak kid, the showstopper, the headliner, the icon, the main event, Mr. Wrestlemania! Shawn Michaels was my favorite wrestler. The kip-up and comeback to nail someone right in the chin? Awesome. Some of the best sweet chin music.

10 points to Gryffindor

Sharari – what a TNG heel, amiright?

0 points

CeeDee HardyBoyds – Man I wasn’t a big fan of the Hardy Boys, but good lawd they put their bodies on the line. Was every match a triple ladder match cos all I can remember is the, flying from 50 feet in the air. Too bad duke didn’t need to do much high flying this week to beat my pathetic team. Where does CeeDee play into this name? He certainly didn’t play in our matchup, right?

0 points

BufBILLSGOULDberg – Saff coming in with 2 names to honor the WCW legend. I never got into WCW, but didn’t this guy have some crazy win streak? Nothing like Moses W12*, but I’ve heard it was impressive, for a fake sport. Should’ve saved this name for the WCW theme week though!

0 points

LayTheGronkDownonUr🍑- We had 2 Rock references in names this week. I feel like I should only point one of them. Which one do you guys think is better? IT DOESNT MATTER WHAT YOU THINK! Of course, the Rock haaaad to get political and do a promo with Biden and Harris recently, but hey it doesn’t matter what he thinks about politics either. I know Al struggled a bit with this topic as wrestling ain’t his thing. A for effort (of asking for help), F for pointing.

0 points

SmelllWatLockisCooki – I go to look to confirm Dag has 2 names incorporated here. Lock of course and..he must have Jared Cook or something. Nope. But he has Koo! He definitely laid the ground down on Ez this week. I wanna like this name a lot. But the Rock seems like an easy one to me to use. Still, better than Al’s.

1 point

Waller of JeRojo – Chris Jericho was just one of those wrestlers who I always hated. A great heel and some memorable matches. Was so annoying they kept having him beat Shawn Michaels. Yos with the 2 names here and most creative name of the week using a special/finishing move! So what’s you’re team name? My favorite Chris Jericho moment

2 Points

HUNTerHearstHelmsely – Did not see this team name coming! Triple H started out as the blue blood. Weird patterned pants and all. Then he joined forces with Shawn Michaels to form the DX and actually became interesting. Anyways, Stan got bam bam burrowed by Mok this week in both Mazza matchup and TNG. 2 for the price of 1.

0 points.