Week 6 Team Name Recap

Judge: Duke

Topic: Cereal

COOKoo 4 Rojo Puffs- If Yellow HuntKareem gets points, so does this. It’s off, but it just feels right. Rolls off the tongue nicely, and for that reason 1 POINT

KOOkie CHRISp- I dont think it was close. This was the best name of the week for me. Wasn’t an easy week but Dag nailed it. 2 POINTS

Cocoa Kupphs- I love this name. Don’t get me wrong.. it’s not good. It’s terrible. But it makes me laugh every time. The ph was a great touch and I appreciate the laugh. 0 POINTS
**10/21/2020 CORRECTION: Duke awards Al with 0.5 Points**

Froot Gallups– Moshal VNed me saying this is pronounced “Galloops”. No, Just no. It is fun to say though.. Froot Galloops! 0 POINTS

SaminonToastcrunch– This one wins the Hooked On Phonics award. I cant help it, I keep hearing that Shakira song “Saminon mina eh eh, Waka waka eh eh”. I won’t give you negative points, but that was horrible 0 POINTS

Cocoa carrispies- One of my favorite cereals and almost always available at my home. This one wasn’t good enough to point, but you’ve had worse. Moral victory for improvement! 0 POINTS

Rais-EBRON- This one really grew on me as the days went by. To the point that I ate Raisin Bran Crunch the other day and in my head I read it as the team name sounds. 1 POINT

Goulden Grahams- Boring name. Used at least 7x in this league, but Saff got 2 names in there and he wasn’t in the league for the other 7. We’re not here to punish him just cuz his name was too easy to make. 1 POINT.

Kareem Of Wheat- Natalie reviewed the team names with me and asked me what this was. To be fair, it was invented in 1893 and was last eaten by a human in 1967, just days before Saff was born. 1 POINT

Sharari- I guaranteed Sharari a point in the chat if he changed his name to Speacial K. But Sharari held strong against kickers and missed out on pointing. Instead, he gets: Negative 342 Duke points

DJ Pendejo- That cereal tastes stale like it’s been out for weeks, time to change it up 0 POINTS