Week 5 Team Name Recap

Judge: Ezra

Topic: The Beatles

Yellow HUNTKAREEM (Stan) – You know, I never really loved this song. Stan, it seems like you worked as hard as Sharari to think of your team name. You could make that name with anyone – I kid. It is a solid name. I will give you point – 1 point. Β 

Eleanor Higbee (Al Sav) – This isn’t one of your best. You were prob very busy this past week or something. Still a better name than I can think of though.Β 

YellowSubMurrayine (Dag) – Hadeed, I love this song (not). We got another Yellow Submarine. This time it resembles the word submarine a little more, but the spelling of the name was changed. Dag,

Β ‘1’ Vintage CeeDee (Duke) – Fun fact – this is the CeeDee that partly got me into The Beatles. What an awesome effin album. But it was also Duke who got me into them. So this is a cute and romantic moment for me. Gna get some tissues, brb. 2 Points!

HereComesTheJohnSON (Joe Saff) – I feel like you’re about to take β€œit” out. So, I am torn on this name. I don’t not into that bro. But yeah I like this name it is creative. I just spent the last 20 minutes watching Seinfeld clips. Joe, it’s a pleasure having you in the league. 1 Point.

Sharari – Let’s trade

I am Tee Wallerus (Yossi) – Koo Koo kachu – feel like I had to say that here, the reason being I have nothing else to say here. It’s a good name ya know. Tee and Waller, two in one. It’s nice. I’ll give ya 1 point.

O-b-J Ob-la-Dobbins (Moshal) – Is anyone else thinking of Dobby when they hear this Dobbins guy’s name? I think that is why it is appealing to me. Yes, I see Obj in there also. Good name Mo – 2 Points.

DJ Pendejo – Hiya

Drive My Carr (Vic Sav) – Gay – 0 points

While Ez gently weep (Charles) – I really am weeping, my team is crumbling. I gave you a W this past week, so I am not giving you any points here, go eff yourself. 0 points!

When TY’m 1 and 4 (MoKass) – I love this song, but I was trying to see how you were fitting the 6 from the 64. I should’ve realized it was your pathetic 1-4 record (sorry, I’m usually the 1-4 guy, let me enjoy being a dick to someone while I have the chance). The combination of TY’m and 1 and 4 (instead of 64) is guzzy. Could’ve gotten more points with 64. 1 Point