Week 4 Team Name Recap

Judge: Victor Savdie

Topic: Snacks and Drinks

Tizku LeShanim Rabbot. Hope y’all had a great holiday weekend. Excited to judge this week’s TNG so let’s get to it.

Sharari, Duke, and Ez- losers. Change your team names.

Ezshi aka YUS! I wish you were more involved. I need a little more Ez in this league. P.S. you missed out on $10 bux sucker!

Teddy Grahams – Mokass 
Mokass is like a teddy bear everyone loves him and just wants to hug him.
This name is perfect for you. PLUS you got 2  players in the name.

Dunkaroodgers – Chuck
Solid team name. this was probably one of the greatest snacks growing up. The best part was dipping our finger and slobbering all over it.
If only your team were as good as this snack. You suck. Darnold for Haskins send it.

Almond Boyd and Fanta – ROOK
Worst candy ever and just the sound of chocolate washed down by soda sounds nasty. Still, a solid effort to include 2 players in there. Just doesn’t click for me. I see a lot of better opportunities with your team.. ie Mike and Aiyuks woulda been a winner.

Whatchamclaurin – Champ (sponsored by vicsav)
This candy brings back some memories. Noin like looking at your siddur and a whatchmakallit comes flying at you from rabbi Cohen AH. “My prayers were answered I got a candy today!” Solid name, I think I’m gonna go to 711 and get one now. 

Yodells&ringdobbins – Moshal
Leave it to Moshal to crush the snack theme week. Sadly, by the time I came home from school every night, Nimo ate all the yodels bastard. (I miss that guy) great name, got 2 names, 2 snacks and they work well together. Noin like a cold glass of milk with fresh yodels.

Lemonhydes – Dag
Which did you like best growing up? – Lemon heads grape heads or fireballs? I’m a lemon head guy. Nice name. Not sure if it’s enough to point this week.

Gorediva hevans- Al 

Is this supposed to be Godiva heavens? I don’t get it. One trick pony holiday names is your specialty.

Krispy Kareem- Stan 
Love this name now I want a donut.
It seems like every button Stan touches he hits a home run. Kareem $1 guy steal of the draft! Stans team on a roll I have no shot next week. (#dukingtothemax)
If Stan wins the big kibbe I’m reserving the penalty box spot in next year’s draft.

Point winners:
Mokass 2 points
Moshal 2 points
Stan 1 point
Yos 1 point
Chuck 1 point