Week 2 Team Name Recap

Judge: Stanley J. Cohen

Topic:Β Washington Football Team names

Disclaimer – the topic is Washington Football team names.
I will be the first to admit that I don’t follow any politics or anything like that,Β so if there is some sort of inside joke to your name that’s on a political level you are most likely SOL.

With that being said let’s get to the names!

First, the jejboxes who didn’t change their names: Sharari, Ez, Yoss. Shocker special with Yoss being there. Guess he doesn’t trust my judgment. Jokes on him! I am granting him a point! Take that!

Wash sCARReCROWders (Dag) –Β the Washington Scarecrows. Honestly, I’m intrigued by the logo possibilities. Also factor in that the most famous scarecrow ever had no brain. Makes perfect sense for this football team. Double name action doesn’t hurt either.

WaTUA Watchers (Mokass)- a bit of pandering from Mokass, especially with the gorgeous logo. This is a play on water watchers which, if you’ll let me explain, something with a Q and sex trafficking. Q guy said to watch the water conspiracies against Trump. Something like that. This name is a little bit HOPpy for my taste but also possibly could sound like how my niece would say water.Β 

*If you wanna learn more about Watching Water I can send you to a friend who is knee-deep in it. #WWG1WGA

DARNOLD trumps (Chuck) –Β This name made me laugh so much if only for the fact that I thought it was legitimately possible that Trump would pull rank and actually name the team after himself. I feel like it’s the type of shit he would do. GOAT (the president. Not Chuck, his food, or his team name)

Goffie Goobers (Alsav) – hitting SpongeBob is always a sound strategy when I’m the judge. I think this guy would work well for a logo and a mascot. He’s like Mr. Peanut on steroids.

DeeCee PATcheroK-ees (Duke) – This one is a lot and I’m not entirely sure what’s flying. The “DeeCee” is a nice touch. PATcherokees is a play on Patrick? Not as bad as I thought and like Yossi said they’re not even in that area! Plus get with the times we’re moving away from Native American team names!

RedWatskins (Vic) – if any name should automatically not point, it’s this one right? The name that they kished definitely can’t be adequate. Unless he’s saying they never should have switched it in the first place and these people are just a bunch of snowflakes with a stick up their butts? hmm

Wash CHUBBy CHASErs (Moshal) – Moshal with double name action is going to point for this. I just wish there was a better topic to utilize this team name.

WSHBridgeWaterGates- I have a tip for Mokass. When someone offers you a team name game topic it means they have a nice name. Steeped in history and collusion this name embodies Washington. Nice job Joe.

Joe Saff – 2
Dag – 1
Moshal – 1
Chuck – 1
AlSav – 1
Mokass – .5
Yoss – 0 – I took my point back. ChampioYos isn’t great. Should at least be ChampiYos. That extra “o” does nothing for me.