Week 12 Team Name Recap- PLAYOFFS

Judge: Moses Safdieh

Topic: The Office

What’s up guys???

I’ll be baaaaaackkkk. I am baaaacckkk for goooooood. (Not really- calm down Vic)

This week is “The Office” week! This show is loaded with classic characters, scenes, lines- can’t miss for team name game right??? Well that’s what I thought until I saw this week’s team names. Talk about screwing the pooch. I was looking for a Dwight like effort on this, instead I got a Stanley (no offense Stan). But nevertheless I am psyched to go through these names, digest them and see what comes out the other end.

I will be grading these based on a few criterion: 1- hilariousness of the mentioned office scene/phrase. 2- creativity of how the name was used. 3- Alsav was always my favorite team name guy with how he used to somehow squeeze names into words that made little to no sense. “Alsav-like team name” will get some points as well.

“Scott’s Tots” (Yossi) vs. “ThreatDarrellMidnite” (Joe Saff)

I’m still going back and forth with which scene was harder to watch- Scott’s tots or the dinner party. I think it’s Scott’s Tots. “Tuition is very valuable, but you know what’s more valuable? Intuition” classic. This name had zero creativity, no Alsav points but did get some points for classic scene. Yoss you have Scott on your team and this is the best you came up with?? We would have been better off with laptop batteries. Hold on! Hold on! Hold on!! They’re Lithium!

Threatdarrellmidnite- so not sure where to start here. I’ve watched the office many times and don’t know what this references. I’m hoping it doesn’t reference “Threat level midnite”- what does that have to do with Darrell?? (Joe if I was wrong on this and there really is a threatdarrellmidnight- my bad!). Zero points all around.

Yoss wins this by default- congrats Yoss!

“Mistake + Keleveon” (Mokass) vs. “CreedBrowTons Blog” (Moshal)

Here we go- the marquee matchup of the week. CreedBrowtons blog- solid name, top Alsav name of the week and Creed happens to be my favorite character on the show (after Michael) so major props here. But there was only one name out of the four this week that actually made me laugh out loud when reading it and that was Mistake + Keleven gets Kevin home by Seven! (He was home by 4:30 that day). Very creative, name was used perfectly and you cant help but read this name in Oscar’s impression of Kevin. Gets me every time.

This was a nail biter but ultimate laugh factor pushes Mokass over the edge.

Judging this week’s contest was really hard and kept me going all night long. Hope it left you satisfied and smiling.