Week 11 Team Name Recap

Judge: Mokass

Topic: Smartphone Apps (PLAYOFFS)


I’d like to first start by putting something out there. Every judge is able to judge how they’d like, but I have a gripe that I need to address. When a team uses a partial name, you have all the right in the world to reject it because it didn’t use the full name. But theres something I want to make clear. There is no rule (written or unwritten) stating that you must do that. If the name flows nicely and it;s clear which player that person is using, you are well within your rights to point them. That’s all gripe addressed.

Secondly, I’d like to congratulate Yossi on getting a bye to the semis. It seems that last year’s finalists have picked up where they left off… Good thing I dictate who the judge is…

We’ll start off first with the two bye week team names. I’d like to mention again, while this was unnecessary for myself and Yossi to do, its greatly appreciated for some added comic relief and creativity.

Fourt-nette: So I have to admit. It took me about 4 seconds to get what this is. Stupid? Yes, I know, but my brain didn’t calculate it at first because 1) it’s a console game too, not just an app and 2) I am by no means a gamer. That all being said and when I finally had my druthers, this team name just was flat out money. Very quick, easy, and effective.

JOEkemon Go: So I need to begin by playing taps for Joe Burrow. I wish him a speedy recovery from this injury. Was gruesome and frankly a giant hit to not just my team/fan hood for him, but to the NFL as a whole…. Ok now that that’s over as I wipe away my tears, this name sorta came pretty easily to me, I figured if anyone gets and appreciates a little GO time, it’s my fellow bye mate, Yossi, but I wanted to get something out, without breaking the bank up in my old noggin. This seemed like a safe enough bet for a bye week to keep my creative muscles loose.

Now, on to the playoff matchups!

I need to begin by apologizing for the late TNG announcement and that will be that. No more complaints!

YaJULIOFANTasy (Joe Saff) vs. Exchange-o-Lamb (Duke)

Upon first glance, Duke’s name was going to win. Whether or not he knew, tapping in to my love for the movie, The Internship (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JfhV_ezOxgA) was a definite point getter. Now, I looked again and noticed, while simple and subtle, Joe’s team name was very strong and seamless and he used, COUNT EM, TWO names. It also took me a minute to get his name, but ultimately I got it. Must have been that he squeezed in with no space… Nonetheless, this was a very underrated battle here. Tightly contested affair. But ultimately, one team will win out…

Congrats to Joe. Unfortunately, I loved Dukes name, but the fact that it was not a real app is what did it over for me. Even if it is a real app (which I know that duke is googling right now as he reads this), it’s not nearly as well-known as our infamous Yahoo app.

Joseph will face Jospeh in this week’s semifinal matchup!

FHayescook&InstaCam (Moshal) vs Apple Carsonplay (Dag)

So right off the bat, I don’t like what Moshal did here. It was cute, but reminds me of how badly Al messed it up last week. He made his apology, but it was GROSS negligence for him not to even look to see who Hayes was… That all being said, Moshal put a nice name together here. If you didn’t know , Instagram is owned by Facebook. They bought them for like a billion dollars. If you didn’t know that by now, you didn’t watch my clip and for that, you could go eff yourself.

As for Dag, he was so strong all year in TNG, but, man, what a bad time to put up a stinker. For 1, I hate everything Apple. I will do my best to put it aside though and judge this solely on merit. This was a weak name, my man. I guess just be Thankful4Herbert… F$&K!

That all being said, Congrats to Moshal for advancing to the Semis to face off against moi!