Week 10 Team Name Recap

Judge: Alsav

Topic: Parashat HaShavoa

Although most of us are out of TNG hunt because of this rigged judging hazeet case format ran by Dominion, Thank you to those that played.
EsavHuntsJakeobLerns: multi-player name action. Its a great name This weeks parasha too! Not to shabby. 1 POINT
RivKaiOhevetYaakob: Aboose name. She really digs him. Way after the buzzer however ein mokdam umuhar ba torah so its fair game.
Bโ€™reeโ€™sheet: Love the name very creative mad skills I must say. Brees had the daylights knocked out of him! Vyhee Erev.
EMurrayNa achoTee at: Imagine saying that to your wife. Love the name Avrahamโ€™s a legend. 1 POINT
Jacob ish Tom: Not a STaylor name on my part.
ChaseintoSeaOfReeds: After they were fReed can you believe it? gReedy Pharo.
Maarat Mccafpela: Itโ€™s an Ok name sorry if I led you on . Mccaff is half of his last name. Whatโ€™s next Mccaf shofar holech segolta? You do have tough player names
to work with. I feel your pain.
Hayesara=5thparasha(handemoji): I did this on MacBook notes mafee hand emoji. Itโ€™s really a good name for a guy who wants to jinx his way in to the playoffs. These things donโ€™t work.. Just like luck it comes and goes your jinxes hexes donโ€™t work here. 1 POINT
Ebron Ha hiti: Ebron ha HILLoni. Itโ€™s not a transformation of a players name but it works. I would have done something with Hebron for this weeks parasha or Kelley Hamas 1 POINT

Theres 8 teams excluding myself that participated. I can give up to 6 teams up to 8 points.

To the losers: Hate to do this. Mccaff is half a name and for that reason you are chopped thanks for making it an easy decision.
ChaseIntoSeaOfReeds . Sorry I canโ€™t fo the CHASEd ve Emet here its an ok name.

To the Best name:
RivKaiOhevetYaakob 2 pts I get good vibes from this name.
Bโ€™reeโ€™sheet. 2 points Top name of the week. The book of Brees is closed for the

Dag: 2 PTs
Duke: 2 Pts
Stan: 1 pt
Mokass: 1 pt
Vic: 1 Pt
Yoss: 1 Pt