Week 1 Team Name Recap

Judge: Dag

Topic: COVID

What an honor to be the first judge of the season for Team Name Game. I really love this addition to the league. Yes, it’s annoying to see who is who and I am constantly checking the manager’s page to see the real managers, but this is fun. The creativity some of you guys bring out in this game is just remarkable. With that being said its time to see the winners of week 1 TNG. 

Anterry Fauchi (yossman) – We all are hadjed from this guy already. Where did he come from and why is he always wrong about everything? Nothing better than his first pitch. For those who missed it, click here. I hate this guy but a nice team name.

Dag – I didnt officially change my name because which judge gives himself points? Seems wrong to me to compete in a week where I am judging. I had a couple of good team names – No Moore Masks!, Put BLM Rioters in Jalen

Leveon your mask (Charles) – I don’t wanna leave my mask on!! I never wanna wear them at all! Stop telling us what to do government and let us live our lives. Would’ve much rather you make a name like stop ROBbing us of our freedom. Nice to see chuck involved so early in the season! Nothing better than a confident chuck. 

DJ Pendejo (Ezra) – He changed his name! Yes, it was after the deadline and has nothing to do with COVID, but its changed! Did you also change your image? Either way, it’s a little too late… Thanks for trying but follow the rules if you want points!

CeeDeeCeeMixon us up (Duke) – What clown shows run the CDC. Its six months and they still have no idea what’s going on. Masks work, no they don’t. COVID lasts on surfaces, no they don’t. What do you know?? They’re mixed up that’s for damn sure.  When I first saw this, I immediately said an auto point to myself. One of the few names that made me laugh. Good job duke using double names. 

Burrownavirus (Mokass) – Of course you used Burrow! Not enough you couldn’t let me have him, then you gotta rub it in my face too!? Mokass always has a clever name. It amazes me how he stretches guys to make them fit. One of the only guys to make a picture to go along with their name. Of course, the picture is awesome however its a team name game, and pictures don’t factor with this judge even though he loves the effort. After all its TNG not photoshop skills game.

DoMasksEvanHelp (Moshal) – They don’t, just ask the CDC. Oh, wait they’re all mixed up and don’t know either. F the masks already! Masks definitely don’t help and your team looks like it needs some help too after a poor week 1 showing. When will you start the right QB? I would like to do this to see if masks actually help.

HerndonImunity/6fant (Joe) – The rookie of the league starts his career strong with a solid team name. I wish we never shut down this country and attempted herd immunity. Double name usage here as well on his first showing. Herd immunity can work. Just ask Sweden.  

Sharari – Still not changing your team name? Show us what you got as you used to be one of the top team names every week! Stop being a bitch and start participating!!! For the love of God, even Ezra changed his team name! The only guy not to be involved! Still plenty of time left to get some points.

Taylored in China (Alsav) – Heard this Chuck level type joke during the lockdown, cant rem who though. How do you know COVID wasn’t made in China? Cuz it actually works… This definitely was made in China but looks like your team was made in China also for week 1. Love that you changed your team name back to ALSAV for trade purposes. This guy wants to trade, so send him offers!

Hydroxychlorokareem (Stan) – Speaking of trades, I’m convinced Stan sent me a trade immediately after changing his team name so I take notice of his name change. Whether or not that was the intention, I love the name. I did have to check 3 times if he used more than one player in the name. 

Masck Up! (Vic)  – Masks up? Is that a thing people say? I guess its what Linda says (sorry had to, haha) TBH I did look it up and it is what people say, so there ya go. Apparently people are fed up as much as I am with the damn masks. Does anyone know if they work? CDC, Fauchi, Anyone?? Vic needs some lessons on how to get more creative team names. Always too basic for my taste.  A solid total effort with the name plus image to boost his chances.

Good job guys and so happy football is back! Can’t wait to see the season-long winner of TNG. 
  Hydroxychlorokareem (stan) –  1
  HerndonImunity/6fant (joe)  – 1
  Burrownavirus (mokass) –  1
  CeeDeeCeeMixon us up (duke) – 1