Week 5 Team Name Recap

Judge: Charles

Topic: Jewish Holidays


Welcome Everyoneeeee

I was going to send this before Kippur but I didn’t want to go to hell… now that I’m a super Sadik I didn’t wear leather shoes I can Jump on you guys ….

Let’s start with the real winners the guys who did not change their names!

Or did they?

Nimo- the same name 2 weeks in a row bites you in the ass… had to much time to get over it and think it ain’t special anymore!  0 points you suck

Ezra- Terrybite !? ezshi???? Idiot… Lucky shit that Evans laid goose eggs and of course you wake up after the week is over and start trash talking. if your balls are as big as your beast cock is youd be a real force in Mazza …. Now I’m just warming your sb seat for next year.  (really no balls ! you gave up the kicker bet ) -2 (Since -2 was awarded, no imposed score for no team name submission)

Sharari- is just Sharari chamor… Started off super hot!  Now karma is a bitch. change your name for a chance back in the league   -6 ( Instead of -6, an imposed -2 will be given for no team name submission)

Well go now from first to last

Ha- Royce bit Shuva – Duke

Worst trader of all time, your teshuva is probably not real teshuva so I award u 0 points

Cohen Flicks 7 Lmatta- Stan

Fantastic ! and Stan is cohen.. he can flicked mokass 7 beatings this week… well deserved and thank you for OBJ ( yes this was written before Kippur don’t know how this got in there)

3 points for beating mokass down and I will do it again this week when I play him #firstwin coming

Ahilliyat Micheleem – Dag

Don’t know what a micheleem is but to raise extra money all shuls add more Aliyot to the reading so I Dag is ultimate Commish he can always make things up …. Raising money = sedaka = Points for Dag!

2 points

Devanenu avir Jacob- Mokass

Every time I saw this team name I sang in with melody …

And usage of 2 names makes gets extra points … loses points for distracting everyone during the prayer

3 points – 2    = 1     

1 point for the choker

Ben Adam Ma Lecha Nirdam- Vic

 Vic this was perfect for you because the first 2 weeks you were awesome … then you started to Sleep (Nirdam) Wake up man

1 point just for changing the name

Mechilla v kuppara- Yos

Raping of Alsav to get rid of Kupp 

Again losing points too for distracting plus 2 points for 2 names, perfect name for Yom Kippur but did everyone Mochel, Yos?!?!? That is the q

2 points

Josh Gordon Gollidays – Moshal

Ehhh- Just like your trade offers.. Booo

0 points

Julio Hon it Haranta- Al Sav

Hmmmmm I didn’t really get it but it was probably muchhh deeper than my simple intelligent level, especially since this is Al’s strong suit and he got a lot of love on it for that, I’ll give him 3 points

His fantasy season sucks let him do well at 1 thing

(Update: I explained this to Charles and he now gets it and thinks it’s great and warrants the 3 points. Usually, I will not do this, but if I understood an Al Sav religious-themed team name, then anyone should. Even those as small-minded as Charles.)

3 points

No Leather SCHUSTers- Chuck

Charles did not give himself a score this week, so I took it upon myself to give him a score.

0 points. Eat shit, Charles.