Week 3 Team Name Recap

Judge: Charles Zami

Topic: Yom Kippur

I wish all of you a Gmar Chatima Tova and all your prayers should be answered

There are a few ppl who definitely prayed better than others, just based on the performances on MNF Mokass and Joe Saff you have some great powers … use them for good, health, wealth, and everything you want BH.

Start with the one who didn’t change his name … he didn’t break 100 either!

What kind of JEwUDY are you ! A good name for your team would have been Ben aDION Ma Lecha Nirdam… You and your team are sleeping! Wake up!

CARRatee Bechol Lev –(Vic Sav) We say this at the pinnacle of Yom Kippur! Right before we hear the shofar! So, Vic, who, in fact, were you calling with your whole heart… It obviously didn’t help Lamar and your team, while I do like the team name – well give all the props to AL.


DJ Pendejo (Ezshi)- Ez its an awesome name. DJ is referring to the chazan saying  Atanu LeChalot Paneja. Just you spelled “Panecha” – “Pendejo”. It’s the thought that counts.

Still no points

LechaTERRY Teshukati (Yossi)-   We start the holiday with this beautiful Piyut, saying how close we are and want to be with Hakadosh Baruch Hu and thanking God for all we have received. Perfect for Yos receiving the trophy and we are very happy to see you changing your name from ChampioYos about time you got involved in the league! Make me a cabinet member…  You could’ve pointed more if you used a double name maybe Trubiskati? I don’t know.

1 point

TizKOOL Leshanim Rabot (Dav Dag)- Thank you very much and you should Tizke yourself to long life and happiness… This name is a little boring and KOO sucks, you do have a very cool logo though. Please make Mechilla with Mokass, I really don’t care and I hope your team gets killed, but just to keep the league fair we don’t need another free team we already have Sharari.

No Points

El Zachi Shemach (moshal)- Al was already tired when he got to giving you this team name… Yes, we praise the Abeshata and how amazing and holy He is… He also wants the praises to come from each of us individually, not all from one Chacham in the group…

Therefore, zero points

Need EKEL&cupO’JOE –(MoKass) At least the man is honest, that’s what he thinks about all day, can’t you see?!?! Mokass is always thinking about the things that don’t matter in life, food, fantasy… Next year pray to end COVID, not for Fantasy, I would’ve liked to noGURLS in shul… or use GODwin in something! It’s the holiest day of the year for GOD’s sake.

NO POINTS even though double player usage… be happy with you MNF win that’s all your getting.

Goedertwhohaelokim – (JOE SAF) Great matchup Joe. Congrats on your first win… It sucks that it happened vs me. Now, he’s a smart guy who thinks of GOD on Yom Kippur.. Again, we say God is our ELOKIM right before the shofar… I still hear the chazan saying it and it has so much power… Could’ve done GODERT julio HaElokim?  Double name.

1 point… So far your contribution has been fun keep it up!

Huntahon Al Banecha – (stan) Kareem Hunt is a beast as a second RB… This piyyut is about Bnei Yisroel (Hashem’s Children) returning to him, asking him to withhold their rage and anger… We know STtan spoke to the COVID devil and received COVID so that his fantasy team could return to the glory in which it hasn’t seen since 2012!

Huntachon al banech LACH SHAVIM – returning to pointing … not!

No points make your own team name … you’re capable!

AlshoniTehgeSidkecha (ALSAV)- Good work on Vic, Moshal, Duke, Stan’s team names! Also, nice you did ALSHON’S name after the whole fight this week! Way to stick it to everyone (very Charles move)

I don’t know where in the holiday we say this or do we say it every day? Regardless, Al is the king of these names. He doesn’t get points on his own name, but he gets points on everyone else’s.

If I could give you all 8 points, I would but the max is 3 so you get 3 points!

HaCeeDeem DALVINim (Duke ) Hsidim Davening … Stupid name? I just love that you (AlSav) used CeeDee Lamb again! He’s a stud, Cowboys stole him, the same way u stole Dalvin from me.. Way to rub it in, I don’t forgive you but I’ll give you a point.

1 point

NO Birkat Leveona – (Charles) You’re tired after the fast, hungry, grumpy, ready to go home… but wait! Birchat haLevana! I try to look to see if it’s hiding behind a cloud or if it’s raining. I know I’m not the only one who feels this way, anyways I’m TNG judge this week so can’t point myself

Al – 3
Jo saff -1
Yos- 1 point
Duke – 1 point

Love you all