2019 Midseason Review by Stanley J. Cohen

Welcome to the Mazza League midseason review. I usually try to do this around week 7. Now weโ€™re in week 9. But all stats/standings/grades are as of week 8. Try to keep up guys.

In this part of the review, I will be going deep (DEEP) into the alternate standings and GPA given out by Yahoo to see where we all stand at this point. Here we go.

First up โ€“ All Team standings. Record based on what our record would be if we played everyone every single week. Yahoo used to put this in the recaps every week, now they donโ€™t so Iโ€™ve been doing it manually every week.

All Team Standings (current Mazza record in parentheses)

Team Rank GB
Duke (6-3) 64-24 ย –
Sharari (6-3) 63-25 1
Nimo (8-1) 52-36 12
Yossi (5-4) 49-39 15
Stan (5-4) 47-41 17
Moshal (4-5) 45-43 19
Mokass (3-6) 45-43 19
Ez (4-5) 42-46 22
Dag (7-2) 40-48 24
Vic (3-6) 38-50 26
Chuck (2-7) 23-65 41
Alsav (1-8) 20-68 44

Duke and Sharari were crowned early this year as the two favorites and that has played out in the All Team standings. Both are way ahead of the pack and over ten games up on first place Nimo. Currently sitting tied for 3rd in the standings both are seemingly locks for the playoffs.

The bottom of the standings are confirmed here as the Savdies and Chuck are the bottom 3 in the All Team standings as well as the real Mazza League standings. Bottom 3 in points too. Not really a shock.

The middle is packed as usual, it should be a dogfight to the end for the final 2 playoff spots with 6 teams within 2 games of each other. Should be high drama. One thing I wanted to point out is that according to this Moshal, who has been coming on strong should be a top 6 team. Dag should be towards the bottom, but we know Dagโ€™s making it (more on that later). Which means that Moshal wouldโ€ฆ.take my spot (GULP).

Remember before when I said weโ€™d come back to Dag later? Here we are. The biggest story in the league this year is that of Captain Dag. 7-2, second place (with Mahomes waiting in the wings) but only a 40-48 All-Team record. Seems weird, right? Letโ€™s dig deeper.

Team Week 5-8 GB
Nimo 34-10  
Dag 32-12 2
Sharari 30-14 4
Yossi 30-14 4
Duke 26-18 8
Moshal 25-19 9
Stan 20-24 14
Mokass 16-28 18
Vic 15-29 19
Ez 14-30 20
Alsav 14-30 20
Chuck 8-36 26

I broke out the All-Team standings to only reflect weeks 5-8. Look at Dag on FIRE. A meteoric rise from 9th to 2nd in the All-Team Standings. From weeks 1-4 Dagโ€™s team wouldโ€™ve won eight times total across the entire league. He quadrupled that in the following four weeks. Watch out for Dag.
Other notes: Nimo takes his rightful spot at the top here, and Duke falls off all the way to 5th place but itโ€™s not as bad as it seems there.

Now Iโ€™ll post the cumulative GPA that Yahoo has given us each week. Iโ€™m not exactly sure how Yahoo comes up with these grades or what exactly is taken into account besides start/sit decision (if even that) but here we go:

Team AVG
Sharari 3.65
Duke 3.53
Nimo 3.45
Mokass 3.43
Yossi 3.31
Ez 3.29
Stan 3.16
Moshal 3.08
Dag 2.91
Vic 2.83
Chuck 2.58
Alsav 2.33

The top pretty much stays the same. Dagโ€™s slow start is reflected here as well. Big movers are Ez and Mokass who get into the top six. What does it mean? Iโ€™m never really sure but I do find it interesting. I do like how every metric I use just takes a dump on Al, Vic and Chuck. How did I lose to Chuck?????????

A+ Grade Tally
4 โ€“ Sharari3 – Duke
2- Stan, Dag, Yossi
1 โ€“ Vic, Ez, Nimo

D Grade Tally
2 โ€“ Vic
1- Al, Chuck, Yoss, Stan

F Grade Tally
1 โ€“ Al

Looking forward to the playoff push. Should be exciting as the bye spots are a realistic option for four teams and the bottom two spots are up in the air. Good luck everyone and stay tuned for more review items. There will be a podcast for sure to analyze the actual roster moves by each team as well as playoff predictions. I also have more to say just not sure if I can put it all in another article or maybe Iโ€™ll post a video. Either wayโ€ฆ Iโ€™ll be back!

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