2017 Week 13 Playoff Race Preview

2017 Week 13 Playoff Race Preview by Sharari

Rank Team W-L-T Pts For Pts Agnst Streak Waiver Bdgt Waiver Moves
*1  RABBI RUSS (Stan) 10-2-0 1629.29 1371.83 W-8 $2 11 29
*2  Yos 9-3-0 1663.06 1404.52 W-6 $13 5 27
*3  QB KILLA (Duke) 9-3-0 1461.04 1404.47 L-1 $13 7 29
*4  TheHatedHoudini (MoShal) 8-4-0 1598.87 1444.22 W-2 $4 8 45
5  Demarious✭Targarian (Dag) 7-5-0 1525.70 1478.91 L-1 $14 10 64
6  Sharari 6-6-0 1389.95 1398.80 L-4 $12 12 38
7  HaJimmyniנא מעט-מים (AlSav) 6-6-0 1380.33 1475.73 L-2 $0 1 18
8  Kearse U OUT (Charles) 5-7-0 1437.87 1445.79 W-1 $5 9 22
9  נימו 4-8-0 1466.20 1498.51 W-2 $24 3 10
10  It HURNS when I pee (Moses) 4-8-0 1353.18 1514.76 L-2 $20 2 18
11  Fantasy Cemetery (Ezra) 3-9-0 1367.18 1570.43 W-1 $14 4 20
12  San Francisco 49ers (MoKass) 1-11-0 1143.68 1408.38 L-2 $5 6 32


Week 13 Playoff Scenarios:

Stan, Yoss, Duke, Moshal have officially clinched a spot. Dag is unofficially in because even if he loses it is unlikely Sharari and Al both win and outscore him by 136+ points. Nimo, Moses, Ez, and Mokass good luck next year (except Moses). That leaves us with 3 teams (Sharari, Al, Chuck) battling for the final playoff spot.

Sharari gets in with a W and outscoring alsav +9.62 points. Sharari can also get in with a Loss combined with an Al and Chuck loss and outscoring Al by +9.62, or outscoring Chuck by 47.92+.

Al gets in with a W and outscoring Sharari by 9.62+. Al can also get in with a Loss combined with a Sharari and Chuck loss and outscoring Sharari by 9.62+, or outscoring chuck by 57.54+.

Chuck gets in with a win and an Al and Sharari loss and to not be outscored by 57 points. Chuck is eliminated with a loss (unlikely).


Matchups For 6th Seed:

Sharari vs. Ez

I currently have the edge in this one 128-122 but Ez is primed to play spoiler with some nice matchups across the board.

Al vs. Duke

Al has the edge here 123-114. The news just came in that Crabtree will be suspended for 2 games. He will appeal but if he doesn’t play that’s a big boost to Al’s chances. Duke’s team is fading fast. Thanks to a great start he is in the playoffs but it’s going to be tough to beat Al and claim a bye.

Chuck vs. Mokass

Chuck is coming off a big win needing to win his last 2 games to get in and he gets a cupcake matchup this week from a team who is just begging for the season to end. Chuck has the edge in this one 122-102 and I don’t see how he loses this week. Will it be enough?

Prediction: I have Alsav winning his matchup and getting in. I have a chance to beat Ez, and I should but my team hasn’t been good enough all year so well see if they show up this week. Chuck will win but he will not get the help he needs and fall just short of the playoffs.

Playoff Team Seeding:

Stan is locked into bye and with a win he will clinch first place overall for the season. He has a tough matchup with Moshal whose team is peaking at the right time.

Yoss can claim a bye with a win or a Duke and Moshal loss as long as moshal doesn’t outscore him by 64.19 points, and nothing would make him happier than to send Moses off with a loss in his final matchup in the Mazza League. Yoss can also claim the top spot with a win and a Stan loss and for Stan to not outscore him by 33.77 points.

Duke can earn a bye as the 2nd seed by beating Alsav (please do this!) combined with a Yoss loss to Moses. Duke is locked into the 3-4 spot with a loss. He will finish 3rd with a win and Yoss loss. He can fall to 4th with a loss and a Moshal win.

Moshal can finish 2-5 but most likely will end up 3-4. He can finish 2nd with a win and a Duke and Yoss loss and outscoring Yoss by 64.19 points. He can finish 3rd with a win and Duke loss. He will finish 4th with a loss as long as Dag doesn’t outscore him by 73.17 points.

Dag is basically locked into the 5th seed and might be a good time to rest his players vs. Nimo who has already started to rest his players.

The 6 seed is the most exciting race we have and it should make for an interesting week 13.

Enjoy and Good luck to all!

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